This is a showcase of what I’ve made during my 6 months VR minor. Here my primary focus was (3D) design and user experience. 
The Goal of this project was to showcase the collections of 3 different designers in VR. For each designer me and the team created 3 unique VR experiences tailored to the virtual collections and their specific themes.

You can read more about my procces here. (The document is 150mb and in dutch)

Some screenshots

These are some screenshots of the models I’ve made. Some of which where made for training purposes and didn’t necessarily made the cut in the final product. The pink avatar and statues are assets from Keijiro Takahashi.

CLO 3D Design

To immerse myself in our fashion designers and broaden my skillset I’ve decided to try and design my own garment. This one right here is based on the videogame franchise “Destiny”. A game I’ve played regularly during my spare time.