My name is Glenn.

I’m a 26 years old Communication and Multimedia Designer from the University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam. I want to make cool stuff. So thats why I’m trying to broaden my skillset as much as possible! Check out my work which is ranging from UI/UX design, motion design, game design, 3D design, web design to virtual reality and more.

During my lifetime I’ve worked on several cool projects. Some of which you might know! Clickety

In 2013 I helped Nick Bortot (Former head of Binck bank and current CEO of BUX) elaborating his concept through applying UX principles and making storyboards. BUX has grown to be the most popular stock trading app in the Netherlands.

The VitaQ is an anesthesia device. For over 3 years I've been working on UX and designing the UI.

Originally started as a graduation project from 3 HKU fashion designers (STUDIO PMS), in pursuit of tactility has been showcased at several big events, including the Dutch Design Week 2018. In pursuit of tactility was an interdisciplinary group project in which I created a world in virtual reality where I made it possible to physically interact with the garments, using sound as feedback.


After Effects/ Motion Design
Maya 3D/ Cinema4D
Unity Game Engine
Virtual/Augmented Reality